3 Step Protection Plan

How to Protect

There are 3 Key Steps, most importantly the first 2 steps that can offer the best protection from the Dangers of the Internet require absolutely no computer knowledge:

  1. Talk to Kids - Discuss the dangers in a non-threatening manner, research has shown that although kids find it as hard as the parents, to discuss these issues, but when the issues are on the table, then they are relieved and feel they can talk more openly, hence it become incumbent for a parent to instigate this discussion.
  2. Ring your Internet Service Provider (Click for a contact number BT, SKY, Virgin, Plusnet, O2, EE, TalkTalk, Primus,Post Office, BE, Tesco) and ask them to apply the filters for absolutely free
  3. Use some of solutions below

 How to Activate Parental Controls for:

Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS X, Android Tablets & Ipads 

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Parental Control on your home wireless and wired Routers

Ways of protecting your whole family and every device connected via your Router, we listed the most popular manufacturers

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) Who provide FREE Parental Controls

In most cases a simple call to any service provider can activate the filters and save your self all the reading


BT Security pack is called BT Family Protections, it's managed by McAfee and has the following features:

  • Block websites – stop your kids from seeing inappropriate content
  • Set time limits – manage how long your children spend online
  • Get instant alerts – get email or text alerts when your kids try to view blocked sites or post confidential information
  • Social networking tools – control the use of social networks like Facebook and Twitter and set up text alerts if personal information is posted
  • YouTube filtering – a unique technology to prevent exposure to unsuitable content
  • Usage reports – review your children's online activity from anywhere in the world
  • As well as parental controls, you also get:

    • Advanced spam filtering – with image blocking to protect children from offensive content
    • BT Cleanfeed – blocks sites classified as illegal by the Internet Watch Foundation
    • Access to our internet abuse prevention team – for children or parents to report any concerns

    A user guide for the BT Family Protection service is available and videos on the service are also provided.


    Virgin Media provide free parental control powered by Trend Micro.

    Their free Parental Control software is a simple and effective way to stop your children watching unsuitable content online. It's easy to use, just pick a password, select your child's age group and the software will do the rest.

    You can even select times of the day when your child is or isn't allowed to access the internet. This means you can stop them logging on past their bedtime or block specific sites such as Facebook during homework time. If you have more than one child, you can set different age appropriate restrictions using individual windows accounts.

    Their Parental Control software is included in both our Virgin Media Security and Identity + software. To download and activate the account click here.


    TalkTalk call thier security system Homesafe

    HomeSafe has 3 simple features:

    • Kid Safe - Helps protect your kids from seeing inappropriate websites, with easy to set content categories
    • Virus Alerts - Helps stop viruses before they reach your front door and alerts you if you visit a suspected site
    • Homework Time - Helps prevent distractions during homework time by allowing you to set time limits to filter social networking and gaming websites


    SKY Also have a free Parental Control software powered by McAfee, they may not be overally overt about their free offer, but it is there without any need to subscription, to activate click here.


    Plusnet use McAfee and their service is absolutely free and can be activated by clicking here


    Orange Broadband also provide a free security that includes a comprehensive Parental Control and can be activated by clicking here.

    Its suffice to say that all the major ISP companies have a free parental control element to their security systems, so if an ISP is not listed here, just ring your provider and ask. Be aware that they will always try to sell the complete package at a price, but what you are most interested in is the Parental Control Element, which is generally free.


    The five best free parental control programs

    Help keep your kids safe online

    Norton Online Family: Is free software that lets parents monitor the websites their children visit as well as what they search for online and who they chat with. Not only can parents set time-limits for how long their offspring can use the PC for, they can also see their social networking activities and even receive an email report about all of the kid's online activities.


    Windows Live Family Safety: Microsoft's free parental controls software, Windows Live Family Safety, is part of its Windows Live Essentials package that includes MSN Messenger and Microsoft's webmail client. Users can block specific sites and applications as well as controlling how long kids can use a computer. For more information on the parental controls software see our How to use Windows Live Family Safety tutorial.


    AVG Family Safety: Security firm AVG recently made its Family Safety parental controls software available for free (although there is a 95p donation to Red Cross).
    The software allows parents to create profiles for each child, which can be adjusted as the child gets older and as their digital behaviour and habits change. As well as blocking inappropriate content, such as pornographic sites, the software lets uses prevent access to over 80 different social networks including
    Facebook, MySpace and Bebo.

    PG Surfer: Pareto Logic, the company behind PGSurfer, is a Microsoft certified partner. This parental controls software lets parents filter inappropriate content from their kids by offering profiles that can be set-up restricting the types of sites that can be visited. Furthermore, it also lets adults block chat rooms, p2p sharing programs and other apps as well stopping files being downloaded.


    K9 Web Protection is a comprehensive parental controls and web filtering package that will keep the whole family safe online.The program is able to block access to many web sites, according to their category: pornography, drugs, hacking, gambling, hate sites and more. Some pre-defined profiles speed up this process. Selecting 'High', for instance, blocks almost everything and is suitable for very young children, while the 'Minimal' profile is more relaxed, a better option for teenagers.

    OpenDNS Parental Control Solutions

    Anothe great way of protecting the whole family is to apply the Internet Protection to the Wired/ Wireless Router, hence every laptop, desktop and smart handheld device, i.e. mobile phones are protected automatically.Since you don’t want kids to accidentally see any of sites that contain adult content, an easy option for blocking such sites is OpenDNS.You don’t have to download or install any software – just go to opendns.com/start in any Internet browser, choose the “Computer” option (let’s keep it simple) and follow the instructions on the screen. Once your computer is configured with OpenDNS, go to Dashboard -> Settings and set the Filtering level to either Moderate or High.

    Now whenever your kid mistakenly types a URL of some adult site in the browser (e.g. whitehouse.com instead of whitehouse.gov) or clicks a link that may be pointing to an inappropriate site, the OpenDNS filters will match the address of that site against their own database of adults sites and if there’s a match, the underlying web page won’t be displayed on the child’s computer.

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