Links to other useful websites

Children Internet Safety Rules and Training

Think You Know- provides Internet security tips for children, parents and teachers in a very presentable and interactive way.

Child Net International- is a non-profitable organization that aims to provide safer web experience.

Police Home Office- provides reports and information related to Social networking, child protection and exploitation.

Kids Smart- provides children security information about Social networking, chatting, web browsing, web search and file sharing.

Get Net Wise- offers about online safety guides, tools for monitoring child Internet access, trouble reporting and children websites.

Direct GOV Internet Safety- guides parents and children about cyber bullying, social networking, file sharing, online gaming and other Internet jargons.

Microsoft Online Safety- provides information and news related to child Internet protection, family safety and social networking.

Safer Internet- covers information for children, parents and teachers related to online communication, cyber bullying, entertainment, child pornography, online gaming, privacy, parental controls, etc.

Get Safe Online- is a beginner’s guide for getting started with safe and secure Internet.

Online Safety for Adults and Kids - An article in an American website that de-cyphers some of the online threats and links to many useful American webiste, click here for a copy of the article. 

Radio 4 - Bring up Britain, Parenting & Pornography - Radio 4 Series where Mariella Frostrup and guests discuss how we can best equip the next generation to deal with it. Click here for a related article with further links.


Reporting Child Internet Abuse

Internet Watch Foundation- was established to act as a hot-line for UK Internet users and IT professionals to report criminal and abusive online communication.

CEOP Report Abuse- helps users to get solutions related to cyber bullying, hacking, viruses, mobile problems, harmful contents and sexual behavior.

Virtual Global Task Force- is a union of police forces around the world that monitors and accepts complaints related to child abuse through the Internet and other sources.

Home Office Reporting- is maintained by Direct GOV which accepts complaints related to terrorists, violent extremist and hate material online.

Action Fraud- is setup to receive complaints related to online fraud in UK.

Child Line- is a help line for child abuse online.