Protect Kids from the Dangers of the Internet

Protect Kids from the Dangers of the Internet

Ten Ways to keep kids safe online

  1. Keep you internet privacy at the highest
  2. Don't make friends online, unless you personally know the person
  3. Don't meet-up with people who you only know from online, if anyone asks you to meet, know that you are in danger, tell an adult.
  4. Don't post any personal information like address, phone number, passwords or which school you go to online, don't upload any personal photos or videos,once a photo or video is uploaded its no longer yours and can never be removed
  5. Remember that everyone may not be who they say they are online, even if they have sent you photos of themselves
  6. Don't click on links that may appear on your computer, tablet or phone, even if it says something like, " How to get a FREE gift", these are in most cases linked to dangerous websites
  7. Choose complex passwords using Alpha-numeric characters and don't use the same password for everything
  8. If you believe someone is teasing you online, this may develop into Cyber-Bullying, hence don't encourage them or reply to them, simply dis-engage
  9. Don't open strange looking emails or open attachments, these may even come from people you know.
  10. If you see anything online that makes you feel uncomfortable, unsure, unsafe or worried, leave the website immediately, tell an adult

Our Mission

To Protect Every Child From the Dangers on the Internet

The Internet brings the outside world into our homes making this one of the most unprotected places our children can be. Parents are not always around to keep their children away from the danger that reaches through the computer screen to take hold of them. The key to protecting our children from online predators, pornography and identity theft is education. Never assume your child knows how to stay safe. Find out what you can do to protect your child BEFORE letting them operate on the Internet.

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